Boombinere, a subsidiary of Boombeene, is a unique package forwarding company that serves customers in Nashville, customers across the United States and expats living in Kurdistan.

Our U.S. location: 2410 Cruzen St. Nashville, TN 37211

Our Customers

Whether you're local, in another city, or living in Kurdistan, we're here to serve you.

  • Businesses

    We offer larger discounts for customers who have over 500lbs to ship. Please contact us for more information.

  • Expats in Kurdistan

    Purchase items online using your own credit cards, and use your Boombinere address as your ship to address. Forward the items to yourself in Kurdistan all from your online account.

  • Other U.S. Customers

    Purchase items online or send personal items to your Boombinere address and forward them to Kurdistan all from your online account.

  • Nashville Customers

    Simply bring your items to our office in Nashville, and we will ship your package to Kurdistan. Free membership for all local customers.


We now offer free membership to all our users. Feel free to register and start sending packages to your Boombinere address!

Online Account

Each registered user will have access to an online account.


Our online account was created with our customers in mind to make shipping to Kurdistan as easy as possible.

• View items that have arrived to your suite address.
• Request shipment of selected items in your suite.
• Pay for shipping fees and costs.
• Option to request pictures of items in your suite.
• Option to return items back to merchants if you purchased items online.
• Track the status of your package.
• Online address book to keep your recipient information saved.

Shop & Ship!

Shop online, ship to your Boombinere address and forward the items to Kurdistan.

Ready to Register?

Give our service a try by simply registering for an account. You can start sending packages to your Boombinere address as soon as you're registered!

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